Like a Sunday market spud plus all the extras. 

Start with a super crispy skin potato with fluffy insides, smothered in our homemade garlic butter, then shredded superior melt cheese, homemade coleslaw (green cabbage, red cabbage, spring onion, carrot) with 'kickin slaw' dressing, extra creamy sour cream and topped with thinly sliced shallots. 
Not limited to just this, add any of our meat choices or added extras to make your favorite spud.

OIP (1).jpg

*actual product varies from image. For illustration purposes only 

Plain Spud

Plain Spud + Bacon

Plain Spud + Bacon + Bolognese Mince

Plain Spud + Bacon + Savoury Mince

Plain Spud + Bolognese Mince

Plain Spud + Savoury Mince Mince

Plain Spud + Vegetarian Bean Mix

Added extras: $1.00 each

$ 9.50







Pineapple chunks

Sliced Red Onion

Diced Tomato






Corn Kernels

Diced Capsicum

Our Baked Spuds are made fresh for you, with the potato only being cut and filled once you've ordered. All our minces are made from homemade recipes and are made with love.

We don't use preservatives or pre-made food, with everything made fresh in our premises.